The attorneys of Brown Gren Abraham & McCracken, LLC have successfully represented and recovered on subrogation liens for their clients.

A subrogation lien can arise out of many scenarios: slip and falls on ice; injuries that occur on third-party property; motor vehicle accidents; fires; medical malpractice; workers’ compensation claims that result from another’s negligence; and more. Our attorneys have successfully received maximum recovery on subrogation liens while recognizing that our clients did not wish to incur maximum legal fees.

Our attorneys protect and pursue our clients’ subrogation interests through activities as simple as sending a demand letter or attending third-party settlement conferences and mediations, to representing our clients in Arbitration Forums, Inc. and, if necessary, formally pursuing the subrogation lien through Court litigation to jury verdict and judgment.

We understand our clients wish to maximize their recovery and minimize their legal fees when pursuing subrogation. We work with every client individually to understand their goals, and meet their expectations.