Workers’ Compensation Defense

At Brown Gren Abraham & McCracken, LLC, we have extensive experience representing self-insured employers, insurance carriers and third-party administrators for all workers’ compensation matters in the state of Colorado.  We serve a variety of industries in Colorado to address the common issues of compliance, compensability, disability and medical issues, as well as the more complex matters involving occupational diseases, catastrophic injuries, death benefits and workers’ compensation fraud.

We take pride in providing our clients with exceptional customer service in this complex area of law, so that they understand the intricate issues.  This allows us to work together to build favorable outcomes and to achieve claim closure faster.  Our attorneys provide a wide range of services including: client counseling and case management, court appearances, mediations, pre-hearings, hearings and arbitrations, appellate representation and education.

Colorado workers’ compensation law and jurisprudence is ever-changing. It requires our ongoing commitment to understanding these frequent changes and an adoption of ongoing litigation strategies for the benefit of our clients.  Our attorneys frequently conduct educational seminars to our existing and potential clients in an effort to provide discussion and training as to the impact workers’ compensation laws may have on current and future claims.

Additionally, our attorneys are actively engaged in both the legislative and rule-making agencies to protect against increased costs to Colorado employers resulting from the development of new laws adverse to the rights of Colorado employers.  We commonly testify before the Colorado Legislature to defeat proposed legislation that will increase claim liabilities and reduce employers’ rights under the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act.